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No matter what anyone says to you when you’re pregnant/are thinking about having kids, nothing, and I mean nothing, can really prepare you for what it’s like to be a new mummy. Every single day I learn something new and although motherhood is amazing, it can be challenging too. I’ve reflected on my journey as a new mum and here is what I’ve realised and learnt so far.


1) All new mums are learning together. No matter how many books you read in advance of your baby arriving, they are unique, and you need to get to know their amazing individual qualities to truly understand them. It’s okay to not know what you’re doing all the time, as all new mums are in the same boat! How did our mums cope without Google?!

2) Newborns spend a lot/all of their time sleeping, pooping and feeding (and occasionally whinging). But when they look at you in the eye and then eventually manage to give you a smile, it makes everything worthwhile.

3) There are no guarantees. Your baby may sleep beautifully one night and then not at all the next, and despite spending a good amount of time over-analysing the situation you realise that there are just too many variables; temperature, comfort, nappy, tired, over stimulated.. or did they just want to be with their mummy? It’s a guessing game until they can talk!

4) Getting out of the house on a daily basis does you the world of good. I try to go for one walk a day in the day light, and have learnt that you must shower and dress before popping your baby in a sling otherwise you’ll end up in your dressing gown until lunch time! Leaving the house does get easier with time, especially as you start to learn what you need with you and you can finally fit your baby in to the pram/car seat with ease!

5) What “it’s just a phase” really means. Your little bundle isn’t predictable day to day never mind week to week! Is it a leap? Growth spurt? Vaccinations? Teething? The weather? Full moon? 🤨 The tough times get easier but then new challenges arise! No matter what, remember you WILL get through it!

6) It’s good to have a little time apart from your baby. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours. Mummies need it to recharge.

7) Every mum needs support. Whether it’s friends or family or both, in those early days and weeks support is essential for a new mummy. From bringing food to simply holding your baby whilst you take a shower, your friends and family are amazing.

8) Online shopping is life. You quickly learn than doing anything with a baby is either a) a struggle or b) time consuming, so start doing your shopping online, ordering things such as food, washing powder, nappies and wipes all delivered to your doorstep! It’ll save you time, hassle and your sanity!

9) What maternity leave is for. This one took me a while to figure out, but (I think) it’s the time you need to give your baby the best start that you can in life, whilst drinking coffee and eating cake with other mums(!). You attend the baby classes that you want to go to (I love baby sensory!) and you make sure that you’re on time for your little one’s doctor’s appointments. You also learn how to play again and what really matters in life.

10) That all your baby really needs is you and your love. I felt a lot of pressure when I first became a new mum, the pressure to provide the ‘ideal’ amount of stimulation, the pressure to buy the softest baby grows, the pressure to conform to an ideal routine, but after a while I began to realise that all your baby really needs is you and your unconditional love.

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