Buddy Tips: Baby Proofing

Each week our peer-to-peer Buddies and small Buddy Groups are sent a topic to talk through, share ideas and offer support. Their top tips are sent back to us to share with you!

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1. Cut all window blind cords - this will stop babies getting tangled in the cord. Alternatively you could use clips to hold them to the inside of the window.

2. Use a toilet seat latch - this will stop hands, toys, expensive jewellery...the list is endless...from ending up down the loo. 3. Cover the table corners - silicone covers will avoid any severe head bashes. It's worth doing even if the corners don't feel sharp, especially if at baby's head height when stood up. 4. Install safety gates - obvious one here, but Buddies said that it's all about timing and it's worth installing the gates before you think you need them. Babies sure do move fast once they get going! 5. Don't forget outside too - if you have any garden tools or a lawnmower it's worth keeping them out of reach - they don't mix well with little inquisitive fingers.



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