Buddy Tips: Travelling with a Baby

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Each week our peer-to-peer Buddies and small Buddy Groups are sent a topic to talk through, share ideas and offer support. Their top tips are sent back to us to share with you!

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1. Although possible, going through security with bottles or food pouches was always a pain because we had to wait for extra screening. It’s possible to order formula and baby food to the Boots after security and pick it up before the flight. They also have a small selection in stock on the shelves.

2. Long haul we always booked the bassinet seat and made sure it was available before booking. Even when he was too big to sit in the bassinet it gave us extra room to play and we didn’t have to worry about him kicking and disturbing a person sitting in front of us. 3. Short haul we always booked seats at the back to give us the best chance of getting a free seat. It also meant we were close to the galley if we needed space to stand and bounce, and also that we weren’t pressured by people boarding or disembarking while we were trying to get settled in or pack things up. 4. We put two diapers on baby when he was little as he always did a huge poo at take off. One his size and then a bigger one on top. It didn’t seem to bother him short term and prevented needing a clothing change. 5. If you’re flying BA, there’s a special family check in area at T5 to the left when you enter the departure terminal. It made checking in car seats/strollers smoother as the staff are used to this and they can also take these items right at the desk instead of needing to go to the oversized area. 6. The most useful thing we had for travel was our baby carrier/sling. If it doesn’t have metal on it then security normally let me wear it right through security - they just took a swab of it. BA also let us wear it during take off and landing, which was helpful to not wake a sleeping baby (alternative is to pack a SkyBaby). When we travelled with the stroller, we were surprised that even if we checked it in at the gate, we often didn’t get it back until we got to the luggage carousel. 7. Feed on take off to help babies ears, and remember to have your baby's dummy/soother to hand.

8. If you have another child take an iPad. Bribery for the plane. We packed a bag full of travel things, including old toys that we had hidden hidden for a bit, small cheap presents, some wrapped up, books, colouring etc. 9. The best tip I was given was to not be afraid to ask for help. Particularly when travelling alone with baby, most people want to help but aren’t always sure how. And there is always a flight attendant who would love to hold the baby while you go to the toilet, sort out food, etc. 10. It’s never as bad as you think and it will end!

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