Poem: Today You Were Born

Today you were born today was day one Of so many days and years still to come

You have not seen sunlight or rain or felt cold But your skin is all wrinkled as if you were old

You don’t have a blemish a bruise or a scar Nothing has hurt or made you happy so far

We haven’t spoiled you too little, or given too much The only thing you want or you need is our touch

There is no routine you need to fit into or break No habits have formed that we weren’t meant to make

We have never been angry that you fell out of line Because you don’t listen, or come home right on time

We haven’t spent hours worrying yet Over the things you should do, or the marks you should get

You are new and we don’t know what else is to come The bad, the good, the boring, the fun

We haven’t made mistakes or made the right move And there is absolutely nothing that we need to prove

You know us only by smell and by sound and by touch You do nothing yet all of us love you so much

Today we just be. You asleep, us in awe Your skin on our skin you don’t need much more

Tiny nose, pursed lips, clenched fists, wisps of hair And all we can do is just sit here and stare

What’s to come doesn’t matter because we have today The fear and the pain all just melted away

Because today we have met you and will stay on this cloud Today we are happy, relieved and so proud

Today began a love story greater than most As we sit in recovery drinking tea, eating toast

Today is the best day it’s the start of you Nothing is impossible, everything new

Today you are beautiful, precious divine Today you are perfect sweet baby mine.

To read more of Lisas work please visit her blog: nymummysurvivalguide.blog

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