Swell, swell, swell, what do we have here?

I can safely say that for me, this is one of the worst parts of being pregnant. I am telling you ladies the swelling game is real and my gosh it is tough!!

The fact that you’re waddling around already carrying a tiny human doesn’t seem to be enough for us preggos. Nope it only goes and makes your entire body swell up to the point you think you could add a string to one of your now cocktail sausage shaped toes and fly up into the air like a lost fairground balloon.

I don’t think it helped that MJ was born at the end of August. This meant my last trimester was spent during the summer months of June, July and August. You would think that it wouldn’t be that bad considering I live in London and yes it is true that during the first two weeks of August it did rain nearly every day, but we did have a very hot June and July and I also spent time in Lisbon where it was very hot!

I cannot begin to describe how unattractive your feet and ankles look when the swelling has really got to them. My feet looked like two puffer fish waiting to explode!

The heat really didn’t help of course and despite wanting to for walks to try and keep mildly ‘fit’ it didn’t help the swelling either. The time I was genuinely most frightened of the swelling was whilst in Paris for my youngest sister graduation. It was our last day in Paris, and I was sitting in the lobby with my parents and another sister of mine. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but all I know is that we all ended up in tears laughing uncontrollably like a clan of hyenas and I felt like I was going to die. I felt like my ring was going to cut off my bloody supply to my finger and my face that was so red from laughter that it was going to erupt like a volcano. I had to beg my parents and sister to stop talking and laughing with tears in my eyes because my body couldn’t handle it anymore.

So yeah conclusion is the struggle is real but apart from that, pregnancy is swell (in every sense of the word )

Top Tip:

As soon as you notice that your feet are swollen, sit down with your legs up (higher than heart level) and place a bag of frozen anything on top of your feet or a very cold towel and it will help the swelling go down.

Naimah's swollen legs and hands

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