Meet the Team

Welcome to the mad house.

We are passionate about supporting women in the transition to motherhood. If you are passionate too, then please join us


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Janey Carey
Founder and proud Mummy Buddy

Janey had spent her fair share of time with children before having her little boy Joe. She read all the books going and attended a very thorough NCT Course where she met some great friends. She felt prepared for the arrival of her baby and couldn't wait to sit and watch him sleep (!)...

...Until Joe was yanked out into the world and she soon realised how little she knew about what to do next!

She wished she had been able to put some of the theory into practice before Joe was born - and et voila, the Mummy Buddy programme was created. 

Since founding the programme, Janey qualified as a Post Natal Carer, she has been selected by the Prime Minister for a Points of Light award and she has enjoyed sharing many, many glasses of wine with fellow Buddies at the Knees-ups. 


Irena Smith
Volunteer and
Buddy Matching Queen!

Meet Irena, our first Mummy Buddy Volunteer. She will be assisting with promoting the programme across West London, predominantly Chiswick and Hammersmith (because they are on her doorstep).

She's mad enough to want to help with growing the programme and describes herself as "a mum of three with an expert knowledge of anything boys and twins related".

She's fab and we are lucky to have her on board.


Helen McGrath

Helen was one of the first mums to sign up to be a digital Mummy Buddy. They still keep in touch and she has been a vital support in her Buddy's mother hood journey.

She's passionate about supporting new mums and is really keen to help spread the Mummy Buddy Community across Leeds. 

She's consistently wonderful, full of beans and has a fancy silver medal for playing Ultimate Frisbee for England! 


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Julia Shirley

Julia is a first time mum to her adorable little girl. She lives in the Twickenham and has had a really impressive career working in Theatre Productions. 


Julia has been helping to establish the Twickenham Mummy Buddy Hub and she manages the WhatsApp group for the area. 

She feels passionately about supporting new mums and she enjoys reading and researching key topics affecting babies and mothers. 


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Kirsty Muirhead

Kirsty is a stay at home mum in Dubai. She's originally from Glasgow and moved to the UAE in 2011 as a teacher. She stopped working when she had her first child and has recently celebrated her second child's 1st birthday.

After having her first baby, as most mums do, Kirsty felt overwhelmed, emotionally and physically exhausted as well as lonely.... to name but a few!


She's really keen to support other mums in Dubai who have felt how she did ....especially as being an ex-pat has added challenges with husbands travelling a lot, family back in their home country etc.


We are delighted that she's on board and excited to see the new community, lifeline, safe place, that she's creating for other mums developing across Dubai. 


Joanna Vesterinen

Joanna lives in Oxford, with her husband and two young daughters; Sophia who is 4 and a half years old and Isla who is 19 months old.

A qualified Early Years Teacher and now a proud stay at home mummy, Joanna will be helping to launch the Mummy Buddy programme in the Oxford area.

She is keen to get involved with assisting the programme, as she loves bringing people together and has been there herself as a new mum and thinks that a programme like this would have been a fantastic support.


Heather Fifield
Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire)

Heather lives in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (shes a Northerner at heart, originally from Manchester), with her husband of 3 years and her little daughter Paige.


She is currently on maternity leave and worked as a carer for the elderly. She has always been passionate about helping others, and she found that her Mummy Buddy was a big help when she was pregnant - they still talk frequently about their babies and their milestones. 

Heather is starting University in October and we wish her the best of luck in her studies!