Established in September 2018, your Leeds Hub of (sleep deprived) mums provides a cocoon of encouragement and friendly support for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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Founder of Mummy Buddy


Janey had spent her fair share of time with children before having her little boy Joe. She read all the books going and attended a very thorough NCT Course where she met some great friends. She felt prepared for the arrival of her baby and couldn't wait to sit and watch him sleep (!)...

...Until Joe was yanked out into the world and she soon realised how little she knew about what to do next!

She wished she had been able to put some of the theory into practice before Joe was born - and et voila, the Mummy Buddy programme was created. 

Since founding the programme, Janey qualified as a Post Natal Carer, she has been selected by the Prime Minister for a Points of Light award and she has enjoyed sharing many, many glasses of wine with fellow Buddies at the Mummy Buddy get togethers and 'Knees-ups'. 


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"What a life saver"
Nadine, Wimbledon
"A great way to build confidence"
Lauren, Twickenham 
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Sarah, Leeds