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Established in September 2018, your West London Club of (sleep deprived) mums provides a cocoon of encouragement and friendly support for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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Buddy Groups

"Mums Supporting Mums"!

Join our popular Buddy Groups to meet like-minded local mums with babies of a similar age. All groups are friendly, supportive and a great way to find your 'mum mates'.

Please note that our Buddy Groups are still meeting, but may be impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.  


Meet Ups & 'Knees Up'

Join your West London Mum gang

Let your hair down, grab a glass of wine or crawl under the table for a sleep!

Babies, partners etc welcome. We're all here for you.

Please note that 'Knees Ups' may be impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.      

WhatsApp Groups

Chat with local mums

Our Club's active WhatsApp groups are a place to connect with like-minded mums, ask about anything local and share tips and advice - without judgement.


Expert-led Events

We regularly hold Parent Power Hours and expert led sessions focused on key topics and offering advice, reassurance and helpful tips.  



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Any questions?

Not sure which group to join?

Or perhaps you are a local service provider and you'd like to find out more about working with us? 

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"What a life saver"
Nadine, Wimbledon
"A great way to build confidence"
Lauren, Twickenham 
"So much fun"
Sarah, Leeds