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Kirsty is a stay at home mum in Dubai. She's originally from Glasgow and moved to the UAE in 2011 as a teacher. She stopped working when she had her first child and has recently celebrated her second child's 1st birthday.


After having her first baby, as most mums do, Kirsty felt overwhelmed, emotionally and physically exhausted as well as lonely.... to name but a few!


She's really keen to support other mums in Dubai who have felt how she did ....especially as being an ex-pat has added challenges with husbands travelling a lot, family back in their home country etc.


We are delighted that she's on board and excited to see the new community, lifeline, safe place, that she's creating for other mums developing across Dubai. 

"What a life saver"
Nadine, Wimbledon
"A great way to build confidence"
Lauren, Twickenham 
"So much fun"
Sarah, Leeds



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