Award-winning Support Groups for your Staff

Returning to work after maternity leave often feels challenging and overwhelming. 


We know that keeping experienced staff and retaining talent within an organisation is a major issue for most businesses, however, research shows fewer than 1 in 5 women feel confident returning to work after maternity leave.


Our Mummy Buddy Groups ensure your staff feel supported, connected and committed to your organisation during this time.


On average it costs over £100k to replace a senior member of staff.


Nationally, 85% of women who worked full time before having a baby either don’t return to work or return part time.


Almost half of women on maternity leave feel their employer ‘doesn’t care at all’ about their wellbeing.

1 in 5

20% of women experience some degree of Post-Natal Depression (PND) or associated anxieties during pregnancy or early parenthood.

How can we help?

Here at Mummy Buddy we focus on Mums - we know how isolating and overwhelming motherhood can be. Connecting with other like-minded mums at a similar stage can be tricky, especially during a global pandemic and we are here to help. 


Our specially curated Award-Winning Buddy Groups are small groups of mums or mums-to-be at a similar stage in their motherhood journey. Your own WhatsApp group and weekly hot topics provide a supportive platform for you to share ideas, offer friendly support and meet up (when it's safe to do so). providing indepencance - know their employer cares

"Thanks so much for all you are doing - we have received so much positive feedback from the mums on the groups and our CEO is really chuffed"


Mia, Leeds Academies Trust

How it works

We will work with you to curate a package to suit your needs.



Our award-winning Mummy Buddy Groups provide a supportive platform for your staff to connect and share their motherhood journey.

  • Small groups of mums or mums-to-be with babies/bumps at a similar stage. 

  • A WhatsApp group is created so that mums can keep in touch and provide friendly support.

  • Each group meets regularly to chat through key topics and expert advice.

  • Mums remain in the group during their return to work, offering a smooth transition and a forum of support during this difficult time. 

  • There's a friendly, relaxed and supportive vibe.


We've partnered with experts, advisers and professionals to provide regular sessions and classes for mums to attend during maternity leave. 

  • Topics include sleep, weaning, preparing to return to work, baby development, first aid and more. 

  • Sessions are held via Zoom, they are informal and friendly. 

  • Mums have the opportunity to ask questions and to chat as a group at the end of each session. 

  • We create a programme a sessions to offer variety and support. 



With access to our Private Facebook group, mums can connect with a wider network, accessing our live events and meet-ups (subject to covid-19 rules).

  • Hundreds of Members to share advice, tips and friendly support. 

  • Access to members-only events, ad hoc expert sessions and Parent Power Hours. 

  • Exclusive invites to our meet ups and get togethers.

  • Great opportunity to connect with local like-minded mums.


Value for money

Improve employee wellbeing

Staff feel connected to the organisation

Increase staff retention

Increase staff motivation

We are impartial and independent

happy staff, 

happy employer!


of mums felt supported by their employer

4 out of 5

said they felt more prepared about returning to work


said the session