Established in September 2018, your Leeds Hub of (sleep deprived) mums provides a cocoon of encouragement and friendly support for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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Buddy 1-1

Mummy Buddy Programme

Mummy Buddies provide peer-to-peer support, tips and a friendly face to a local mum who's either a stage ahead of them, or a stage behind, or both! 




Monthly 'Knees Up'

Join your Leeds Mum gang.

Let your hair down, grab a glass of wine or crawl under the table for a sleep!

Babies, partners etc welcome. We're all here for you!

Knees-Ups are free for all Members.    

Buddy Groups

"Sharing is Caring"!

Join your weekly Buddy Group (approx 6-8 mums) to talk through key topics, share top tips and receive expert advice. 

Groups change each month.

You do not have to be a Member to join your Buddy Groups. 

Parent Power Hours

For Members only

Coming Soon



Helen was one of the first mums to sign up to be a digital Mummy Buddy. They still keep in touch and she has been a vital support in her Buddy's mother hood journey.

She's passionate about supporting new mums and is really keen to help spread the Mummy Buddy Community across Leeds. 

She's consistently wonderful, full of beans and has a fancy silver medal for playing Ultimate Frisbee for England! 

"What a life saver"
Nadine, Wimbledon
"A great way to build confidence"
Lauren, Twickenham 
"So much fun"
Sarah, Leeds


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