Established in February 2020, your Barnet Hub of (sleep deprived) mums provides a cocoon of encouragement and friendly support for Mums and Mums-to-be.

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Mummy Buddies provide peer-to-peer support, tips and a friendly face to a local mum who's either a stage ahead of them, or a stage behind, or both! 

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Buddy Groups

"Mums Supporting Mums"!

Join our popular weekly Buddy Groups (approx 6-8 mums)

to meet local mums with babies of a similar age, talk through key topics, share top tips and receive expert advice.


Monthly 'Knees Up'

Join your Barnet Mum gang

Let your hair down, grab a glass of wine or crawl under the table for a sleep!

Babies, partners etc welcome. We're all here for you     

Barnet WhatsApp Group

Your local sources of info!

Our Hub WhatsApp groups are a place to speak out, ask about anything local and share tips and advice - without judgement.




Meet Sital. She is a mummy to three little girls which she says "is gratifying, schooling and rewarding beyond words". Her twenty year background in childcare and a passion for all things babies aptly led her to Mummy Buddy. Her special interests in Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding and many other areas also directed her into her current position as Maternity Nurse.


She felt that joining the Mummy Buddy Team was a perfect fit – making a positive difference to a mummy’s world is her true calling; completing her outside the boundaries of a career but fulfilling what feels like her life’s purpose.


Any questions?

Not sure which group to join?

Or perhaps you are a local service provider and you'd like to find out more about working with us? 

Whatever it may be, please get in touch by clicking below: 

"What a life saver"
Nadine, Wimbledon
"A great way to build confidence"
Lauren, Twickenham 
"So much fun"
Sarah, Leeds


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