No name badges or awkward introductions!

Award-winning feel-good clubs for mums and mums-to-be

We get it. Motherhood is an incredible journey but it's often challenging, knackering and pretty lonely.

That's why our award-winning Clubs offer a variety of ways

to get stuck in, ranging from our 

peer-to-peer support programme,

smaller weekly groups,

bigger groups (with a glass of wine?!)

and topic-based expert led sessions to empower and reassure.


No fusty community halls.

No know-it-alls or patronising tones.

No name badges or awkward ice breakers.


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Come on in...

Joining Mummy Buddy gives you access to:

The Mummy Buddy Programme



Our FREE award-winning peer-to-peer support programme.

Looking for a friendly new mum to help you settle into the swing of things? Or perhaps you are keen to support a mum who's a 'stage' behind you and pass on all of that local baby knowledge.


Sign up now to access our new online Buddy Search tool.

Buddy Groups

(Small Groups)

Our popular weekly groups of mums at a similar stage of parenthood, discussing key topics, talking through expert advice and sharing ideas. Great if you didn't 'do NCT', or well, even if you did!


A WhatsApp group is established for each group (great for a quick sanity check during the late night feeds!) and key topics, expert tips and discussion suggestions are sent to the group to chat through and feedback.

Knees Ups

(Big Groups)

Our monthly friendly get togethers - open to everyone. 


Leave your judging at the door, grab a seat and a glass of wine (or pretend wine!) and join us for a natter and a giggle or crawl under the table for a sleep. Sounds good??

Local Experts are regularly in attendance for Q & A's. No name badges or awkward ice breakers. Promise.

WhatsApp Groups

(Local Chat)

We are not big fans of online forums - our members find them a bit impersonal and awkward, so we have stuck to using WhatsApp Groups in our Club Areas. 

Sign up and follow the link to your club's WhatsApp group, say hello, have a natter - great for sharing tips, keeping updated and getting to know local mums.

Tips & Advice


We are lucky enough to have partnered up with a number of Baby Experts who kindly provide advice and tips based on our weekly topics. 

All Members will receive a copy of 'Winging It', your friendly Mum Newspaper filled to the brim with tips from fellow Buddies - these are topic based and used to prompt discussion at Buddy Groups and with your Buddy. 

Over 95%

of our Members would recommend to a friend.

4 out of 5

said they felt happier as a mum after joining Mummy Buddy.


of our Mummy Buddies felt that talking through their experiences helped them.

What's on?

SLEEP & ROUTINE - Parent Power Hour (Twickenham)
Dec 04, 2019, 10:00 AM
The Anglers



Kensal Rise, London

"I love my NCT group but we're the blind leading the blind when it comes to advice and tips! I found the real pearls of wisdom came from parents of older babies we met at playgroups and classes along the way."

2018 Award Winners

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